I know you are all imagining my silence as being me just sitting around ignoring Pat dry humping the legs of the innocent, Jai hitting replay on her favorite Ewe Tube videos, Scout bending spoons with her mind, while I eat chips and watch Real Housewives marathons on Bravo. It's not exactly like that. Scout is also working on mixing up your recycling with her mind. Causing your milk to sour early. Pat is licking his dick more and humping other's less.

I worked dogs wtih the DDs last weekend, with Lavon the previous weekend. The former went very well; the latter didn't go so well.  Confidential to Lavon: Sorry! I'm sure you can still work your remaining two healthy ewes. DON'T USE DOGS! Work on singling one off! Add the llamas and you have enough to simulate a bad trial experience. If you need help, let me know.

Apparently It's My Way or the Highway is not just an expression… when you live on a highway…

I'm moving Jai up to open for whatever trial I get into next.- Big Willow here or Goring Ranch in Utah. It's not that we are SUPER READY, as much as our options increase for trialing, and Jai is ready. This means that I can't run Pat any more, which is a shame, but he also seems pretty happy to retire; just hanging out, really quite literally, enjoying himself. Also a new favorite is following me around waiting for food to drop. Long walks/runs in the desert. He has a full plate, so to speak, being Pat.

Next week my boy graduates from Boot camp and after that I will be seriously working on getting Jai ready for our big Open debut. 



Ewan, Trace, Jai, Scout and Pat on a hike in the Owyhees with me and the Pickles (alias Kelsey Nichols)