From BarJor:

1. What's a song you like that everyone would be surprised about?

I don't know about a particular song, but people are alway surprised and revolted by my love of Cypress Hill.

2. Who's your hero (non sports related)?

I don't know about HERO, because that sounds like I have a Carlos' Mom vanity plate, but I would say that my son right now is one of the greatest people I have ever known…and his sister is another, though she can't do any pushups and perpetually steals my clothing.  I should buy a Cienna's Mom t-shirt.

3. Do you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock, how many times?

I don't know about alarm clock, but something goes off every morning about 6. Jai and Scout start hinting about breakfast by jumping on and off the bed and licking (or in Scout's case, presenting her grisely grinning visage close enough to my face that I can hear her amygdala ticking) and Pat stands at the side of the bed staring at me. There is no sleeping through that.  Do they have snooze buttons? I'll fish around tomorrow morning and see what I find….

4. Name ONE run (agility, herding, etc) from someone else that inspired you and why?

I don't know about INSPIRATION, though now I always wear a belt to the post….

There have been a few especially beautiful runs, but I think one of my all time favorites, that for a long time I couldn't recount without tearing up and feeling like a cheesehead, happened at Lacamas a few years ago with P*trick running Andi. She was very young and he hadn't run her in open for long.  He hadn't expected to get into the double lift finals with her and so hadn't really worked on a look back.  He ended up qualifying to run her.  It wasn't a winning run, by a long shot, but after her first outrun, lift and fetch…when he told her to LOOK BACK and she stood mid field, looking from him to the sheep she'd already gathered…to the Great Come By Beyond which he was seemingly telling her to revisit… she spent this period of time trying to figure out what he meant, what he wanted – – and he articulated it so smoothly, calmly encouraging her, telling her to look back.  Finally, that moment when she tentatively ran far enough out to see the second set of sheep…was really beautiful and for me profound. 

Another time someone lost their pants at the post and I think that's pretty fucking inspirational, too, though I wasn't there to see it.  The story lives on.

5. What's the last book you read?

I'm currently reading The Anthologist, by Nicholson Baker.  Previous to this I was reading The Finishing School by Dick Couch. 

From Willow's Rest:

What are some tips on living frugally?

Squirrels are edible!