It's Shark Week* for Jai…which means that she'll be In the Kitchen next week. No running Pat at The Big Tease. He'll be crazed with lust.
He'll be peeing himself, mad for The Hump That Wasn't.  Poor ole guy.  My leg 2 years ago was the last time he made a Love Connection. 

Jai, meanwhile, has gotten Kate Moss thin and is shedding her coat as if it were last years fashion. As if she has a new one on order from Neiman Barkus. Maybe.

New Question: What's an odd behavior that you believe to be fairly unique to your dog? For me it's Jai's weird habit of staring in at us from outside through the big picture window on the patio.  She does this for HOURS as if she's watching one of her favorite shows: Us sitting around watching television.  It's on THREE or FOUR times a WEEK!! The other dogs lay on floors and couches, snoozing.  Jai stands outside looking in,  big ears alert to what might happen next – I might get up and retrieve another beer, Carlos might check his email.  She looks from me on my chair to my son on the loveseat, to Zeke Finley sleeping on the floor…Jen on the futon… Sometimes she runs in to see if its as real inside as it appears to be from outside, through the glass.  We're just not as interesting in person.

She only does this in Boise.  In Greenleaf she is in the house with me and Pat and Scout, laying around, chewing bones, acting normally. For the most part.



*Bleeding the fuck all over my furniture

**Wants to put Something in the Oven

***Ain't Happening