Yesterday I worked Jai in the desert with DD and Kelsey and Jody R.  It was a beautiful day, if you don't buy into that whole Climate Change is Real and A Beautiful Day in January with No Snow Pack in the Mountains Means Drought and Certainly Crop Issues if Not Global Food Shortages and Eventual World Wide Hunger and Cannibalism of Poor People's Irritating Children Plus Maybe My Chubby Neighbor Who Drives a Lexus SUV In Spite of There Being No S or U in her V.  The one who HONKS every morning for SOME fucking unknown reason.  HONKS! leaving her DRIVEWAY!! As if She Were Going on a Cruise Instead of 3 – 7 miles to her Bullshit Office Job Where Everyone Dresses As If Dillard's Department Store Sales were run by Polpot.  Bitch. I mean, TASTY!

Anyway! GREAT day in the desert.  Jai worked very well for me; as she has been very consistently lately.  No gripping, no excessive laying down and avoiding.  Pretty good about taking the flanks, very good about taking the correction and adjusting.  DD commented on how good she is looking, as did Jody R. and Kelsey. 

Clearly Jai knows that she'll be eating Soylent Green soon.  Perspective. The sheep no longer seem so intimidating. Or tasty.

I am looking forward to the Big Thaw (I know…Chill is for you DOUBTERS)… because it will be fun.  Fun people are coming into town.  Fun people are resident in town.  Jai may or may not be the Jai I've seen lately.  I don't care.  Either way: Fun.