Jorgen STEPS UP! (Tune in to see what he is wearing!!)

What are you wearing…..What is your favorite clothing to wear?

I'm wearing out; I'm wearing on people's nerves; I'm wearing smartwool socks and some of my morning's breakfast.
My favorite clothing to wear is jeans and a t-shirt. Plus a sweater or sweatshirt because I'm always cold.  Plus smartwool socks and my breakfast.

What do you think your dogs thinks about you?

I have a few dogs and I think they all have different ideas about me.  Mostly they agree that I talk too much. Some of them think these long runs/hikes that we take most every day, often several times a day, rarely finding livestock, are a clear sign that I should NOT be the Captain of our Team.  Just because I have thumbs.  I should be content to operate a motor vehicle, open and close cupboards, and scratch those hard to reach places. Stick with what I'm good at and leave the Thinking Tasks to the Intelligent arm of our crew.  I wonder if my dogs view my having thumbs in the same way that I view women having large manufactured boobies: Okay, I'm sure they are fun and under certain circumstances can get results that not having them can't get, but they also get in the way of some activities, like counting to four and jogging… and give one a false sense of importance.

Are you happy about the past year trialing, do you think next year will be better?

I really hope so. The thing I feel best about this last year and trialing is that I stopped being so concerned about who was watching and how I must appear to other, especially better handlers. I stopped freaking out about my rate of improvement not being fast enough and other white noise that wasn't helping me. I still get nervous but I'm no longer consumed by it and my focus is better.  Next year better be better..or I'm getting enormous hooters.

If you would ask a TMT question that you did not have to answer, what question would you ask? 

I don't think there is a question that I'd ask to a general group of people and yet be unwilling to answer myself.  Ocassionally I can think of things to ask to just FUCK WITH PEOPLE, that I wouldn't especially want to answer because there really isn't a good answer so much as an exercise in mind fuckery.  I used to post those questions to the BC Boards, because that seemed appropriate to the intelligence and hysteria level present there…and it was FUN! But, sadly, I was kicked off, repeatedly, by that snatch ratchet Eileen for not taking the boards seriously.  Seriously!  The same could be said of my attitude toward Gogurt as a dietary staple and bacon flavored vodka.  Dog weddings.  

How do you relax your dog before a run?  Pat wants to know…