Ann says Tell Me Hump Day:

What are your goals for yourself as a handler and for your dog(s) at the big trial this weekend?

As a handler I want to remember to think Big Picture, as Helsley told me in October at sheepcamp.  I need to be able to envision the goal and not get caught up in the details. STILL, however, I need to be able to juggle the details in order to obtain that goal.  I need for Pat to lie down at the top and I need to keep Jai out of trouble by keeping her in the right place to take my flanks at the right time.   I'd be happy to finish the course with Jai without being Thanked.  If I must be removed, I want it to be with some sort of horn or force.  Maybe Don can honk and then release his guard dog Norman.

For my dogs, I want Pat to have fun and not get frantic; not get yelled at.  I would like Jai to be relaxed and take her flanks.

Really, sadly, the ball here is all in my court.  If I don't achieve these goals, it's because I messed up.  I didn't keep my mind in the game. 

Fortunately I'll have plenty of alcohol on standby and I truly believe that I can outrun Don's old dog.