Jorgen asks:

What handler do you strive to be like, or handlers if you have Schizophrenia?
I don't strive to be LIKE any one handler as much as I like certain things about a few handlers that I want to emulate because I admire them and feel these qualities or characteristics would work for me.  Or I fantasize them working for me. 

I like how cerebral Patrick is about running and working dogs, and that he reminds us that the sheep aren't just props.  When I keep that in mind, I'm better with timing and pace myself. I like the DD's ingenuity in figuring out a dog. She has a lot of patience and it's rare that she doesn't find the right method to fix her issue with that dog.  I like that Jaenne always has a good run.  Doesn't matter what happens, I have never seen Jaenne anything but okay with it; happy, even,with the run and with her dogs. Lavon is quiet and consistent, almost subversive.  He's highly competitive and he's seriously fun.
How do you change your handling style depending on what dogs you trial?

Pat has to be stopped at the top. That is key. DD has chided me over and over and I have said that I knew and understood this, but I finally get it.  If Pat is NOT STOPPED at the top…he won't be stopped until it is all over. It will be 5 – 9 minutes of fast paced ugly and he won't even know I'm there. He becomes crazed. Inside so do I.  If I stop him at the top and keep him just a bit backed off, he is solid. He is fast on his flanks and good and will save my ass with nice lines and making panels.

Jai is the opposite here. She tends to stop on her own at the top and lift gently and then things get rolling.  She needs her pace and position behind the sheep to be monitored and to be kept from using her eye for Badness; flanking just enough to keep moving and not too much so that all motion stops.  I have to keep her from being sucked into the sheeps yummie bitable bubble. 

How do you change your handling depending on what trial you are running at?
I'm not sure I'm at the point in my handling or trialing to know enough about locational finesse.  I've stopped scoping out a good place for a post-run cry, but I'm not much beyond that.