The Sheddin' and Sleddin' trial is coming up and I can HARDLY WAIT…  if by ' can hardly wait,' I actually mean 'haven't really prepared nearly enough with either dog but I'll write a check for anything these days. I BOUGHT A NEW WHISTLE!!'

I did. An aluminum one. It only whistles on one side and spits back at me tonelessly on the other.   Just as I deserve.

Some part of me seems to believe that buying a new whistle is equal to a few hours of practice.  Like buying how-to books or instructional dvds, even if you don't watch them, the INTENTION ALONE moves you forward.  

If DD or P*Trick put a foil cap on my head and made me sit in a sensory deprivation chamber (dog crate) chanting COMEBY and AWAY for food treats, telling me this would improve my timing, I'd do it. Only if they charged me a shit ton of money and gave me a sweatshirt in the end, though. There is NO SUCH THING as a FREE LUNCH.  I believe that.

Anyway: Though Pat's hearing seems to be less sharp and he has cataracts in both eyes, he seems to be listening to me better, slowing down.  He's in good physical shape.  I'm running him as long as he still seems to have fun.  

Jai hasn't been gripping in practice, though she rarely does, and her flanks are better.  She's about 60% in taking the right flank without a correction.  I'm about 70 percent in asking for the right one without cursing.

Thankfully ProNovice won't have to do any complicated Sheddin'.
Or Sleddin'….

Just Liftin' and Driftin' …Flannels and Panels.  (My pants are flannel lined, as the fields are panel lined).  Yank Ewe and Thank You…

Yeah. Our poetry, of course, demands most of our time these days.

So, we'll see what we get, besides, hopefully, decent weather.