I miss the relative ease of just answering questions TMT style.  Don't any of you have questions we can all answer?

I'll start. I don't have a fancy button or sophisticated method of linking any blogs that might want to participate…because I'm LAZY…so if you do, just comment. Questions will be answered, blogs will be read.

Here's mine:

How has sheepdog work changed you as a person OUTSIDE of the work?

I'm wearing flannel lined pants from a feed store.  That's huge! 

I view and experience communication very differently, and not just with my dogs.  I am more relaxed around people.  Most people who didn't know me before this are surprised when I say I am really fundamentally shy, introverted and solitary.  I primarily communicate via email and writing because I'm much better at it.  Face to face I can almost appear … either so quiet that humming seems reasonable or so randomly jabbering and odd that humming would be a relief.  I used to have to be dragged from my house to attend any sort of social thing. I might agree to this once a month, if there was enough alcohol.

Now people stay at my tiny house in Greenleaf with me and outside of my habitual running/walking/hiking…I am maybe ALONE, REALLY ALONE once a month.

At least all my old friends FINALLY know FOR CERTAIN that I'm not the unibomber.

I can't say exactly what it is about working dogs that has helped me relax with people, maybe it's as simple as learning to fail publicly, or seeing that everyone struggles with the same things and we all have similar feelings about it.  Communication with any type of animal is not that dissimilar.  I've always felt very different and removed from people and I don't as much any more, especially with people who work dogs. Or at least it doesn't matter to me.

Okay.  That's pretty basic.  I wish I had something more clever, but what can you expect from someone wearing pants from a feed store.  Give me something better!