Things I Learned From Fireridge:

1) Melinda is running a hospice for really old sheep

2) Jai seems to aspire to be the Dr. Kavorkian of the bovine world

3) I find myself wanting to picket Jai's crate with signs that read,

"It's a Choice, Not a Chop!" and

"Only God Can Grip, Unless I Fucking Say To!"

"I Said 'AWAY' not 'FILET'!!"

Jai's first two runs ended in her going Final Solution on a ewe and us being Thank You'd in That Way that suggested otherwise.   Our third run we completed the course, but it wasn't pretty, it was just restrained. Barely.

Pat's runs highlighted my timing issues and his age.  Still, we completed the course and he listened pretty well. I believe he had a good time, and that was my main objective with him.

Now…on to sheep camp.