Crazy Crooked Laura Asks:

Going forward over the next six months, what are your goals?

Going forward? Whoa! Not so fast!  I like to swirl around the moment, backpeddle and hunker down somewhere between yesterday and the day after tomorrow, avoiding today, except in small inescapable doses (usually involving food and drink) if possible. 

Typcially I find comfort in things that are months away because ANYTHING can HAPPEN in the interim.  If you ask me to do something that I REALLY HATE>>> LIKE PUBLIC SPEAKING or donating an organ to a science fair project or listening to your friend Pamela read her self-published book of poetry based on the AA BB AA rhyme scheme and feminist things that she googled to her entire EmpowHERment thru PoetSHE…I WILL AGREE TO IT.  Because a part of me really believes that between now and then space junk will hit my part of the planet and annihilate that book of poetry and/or my face and ears; my organs could claw their way out of my polluted body at any time and upon waking I'm constantly surprised that they haven't.

I worry and plan for yesterday and the day after tomorrow.  In that order.

Big goals tend to scare me off.   I have to keep things to the moment or I get nothing done.

Tomorrow I plan to run 6 -9 miles on a beach.  I plan to drink lemondrops with my daughter and her boyfriend to celebrate my mother's birthdate.  I plan to make sure that my son has the best weekend ever. 

When I get back home I will train Jai for the next trial and find the perfect song for my pre-run workup.  I'm leaning toward something by Hank III.  I'm thinking Dick in Dixie. It cracks me up.