I feel like such a SHEEP DOG SLACKER lately. 

Last weekend I worked Jai one day. We worked on shedding. Sort of half heartedly, really. I used DDs entire herd of sheep and waited for a natural opening large enough to drive a barge through slowly.  Then I called Jai in and she came because I was also eating a sandwich at the time. (And drinking a beer, but I don't feel that influenced the outcome).  She drove the subgroup off until I said,
"Look Back!" with a full mouth, so it sounded like, "LOO BAAPH"

It took about three times and some flailing, where I lost a chunk of cheese from my sandwich, which Jai eyed hopefully, before she gathered the remaining flock and regrouped. 

We did this two times before I decided I wanted some chips and salsa.

Shedding makes me nervous. And hungry.  I do enjoy TALKING about it though. As long as someone else is actually DOING it at the time.  Maybe that's cooking.

Sunday we watched the finals at DDs house where my neice, the Good Katy, was housesitting; Kelsey, Susan, GK and I.  We thought of questions to pose to the commentators that would get me kicked off for sure;  Things like,

"What are you wearing?" and,

"What is the approximate area, in square meters, and French, of the drive from last fetch panel to shedding ring?"

"If you only pen half the sheep, will you get half the points?"

We laughed, but used good judgment in not posting them…mostly.

It was a GOOD TIME.  I won a DVD because Kelsey typed the answer that Susan correctly provided to a question.   

It takes a village.

I am entered in two trials, I think, coming up.  Trailing of the Sheep, NC, and Fire Ridge PN.  Both challenging courses.  Both really mere weeks away.

This weekend I'm going to the Oregon coast with my children.  Plus Jai and Pat.  

Next weekend I hope to work dogs.    I mean REALLY!