I'm in Missoula this week for work.


Important work for your government. 

(I brought Jai and Pat because I could.)

I was hoping to live the USBCHA National Finals via the 'Tweets'…such as they are/were….as I did last year.  Apparently there is no such thing? If I'm wrong, comment or email me.  Otherwise  (FOUND IT!) PLUS! I'll go entirely on speculation and rumour, which I tend to prefer anyway.

It would be FAR TOO OBVIOUS for me to be watching the entire webfeed during our Important Government Meeting…

In the meantime….

I have a new question for Laura of Crooks and Crazies… and her followers:

Do you have a pre-run ritual that you observe?

I have some friends/people whom I admire as handlers who listen to particular music before their run or during potentially stressful training sessions. These handlers do very well.

I haven't tried this with sheepdog work myself, though music is important to me outside of that world. I love music.  I have no original taste in music, but my children, and friends, have excellent taste and provide me with my itunes library.  I can be having a shitty day and the right song will take me away from that.  And really good music you can appreciate mentally, but physically FEEL.  Like love and beer and a perfect sentence.  It makes sense that it could help prepare one mentally for a good run.

What would be your pre-run music choices?

I'm considering listening to something prior to my next run… or during.

(HINT: NOT the theme to 2001 Space Odyssey during the outrun or that chicken dance song for when I make a panel).

Sadly, this could backfire.  End Times Sheep Carnage after listening to Cypress Hill. Massive crazy WHERETHEFUCKARETHEYGOING? overflanking after any Carlos Santana. I won't be capable of slowing Jai down with Kings of Leon 'Holy Roller Novacaine' still in my head…

I could just listen to polka music…or bring my own accordian, which I've long thought made sense for my runs anyway…but I am trying to change that.  It's a brave new world. 

I'm open to suggestions.  5 Days a week, from 9 – 5.