Late Edition Thursday Questions from Crooks and Crazies

1. Who is your newest dog? Where is he/she from, and why did you choose this particular dog/breeding? This question posted by Jodi.

Jai is my newest dog and I got her last October.  She was bred by Amanda Milliken (Ethyl x Star) and made her way to me via Patrick who thought she'd be a good dog for me.  SHE IS!!  Let the record show that deep in my irrational heart, prior to actually MEETING Jai, I wanted somehow to keep Rose.  I loved her hardness and her strength though I could no more run her than I could a steam engine locomotive, which is what stopping her has been compared to. Jai is really nothing like Rose, but I love her and it is a far more logical relationship.

2. What traits drew you to this dog or breeding? (also by Jodi) 

Her availability and my need were first and foremost in MY head…but Patrick said that Jai was a very good dog with tremendous potential – young and just needed a little confidence. He felt that we'd be a good fit.  I loved her personality right away. She is very intelligent and a sweeter dog cannot be found.  She is sensitive enough that I can be as close to her as I tend to be with my dogs and not have to fight with her when we work. Too much. 

3. What's on your feet right now?

Converse high tops.

4. What are you reading right now?

Sebastian Junger's 'War' and 'Camus' by David Sherman.

5. What upcoming trials are you looking forward to? If you don't trial dogs I'll take whatever activity that you're looking forward to.

I am not entered in any upcoming trials, at this time, but I will probably go watch Soldier Hollow and definitely am signed up for Patrick's (and Helsley's) Sheepcamp in October.