Ronpcsdt1Ron Enzeroth and the DD's erecting the fabulous pink umbrella handler's post at the Palm Cottage SDT

This last weekend Pat and Jai and I traveled to beautiful Cottage Grove, Oregon, for Laura Vishoot's Palm Cottage SDT.  This was my second year attending.   I LOVE THIS TRIAL. 

We didn't have the magic and mystery of Derek Fisher in little boy's swim trunks laying down a beautiful winning run against everything some wanted to believe was Good and Decent, like Walmart and Coors, and other's couldn't believe only cost them $37.50 and a few beers. 

Ron Enzeroth is a warm, fun fellow and a good judge.   He took a lot of crap from me and the DDs in the evenings.   If he were more of a drinking man, or carried mace, this weekend would not have left such a deep profound scarring of his psyche, or possibly as many photos.

Favorite Moments:

Pat and Jai both got scores.  The scores were in the low to mid 30's, but my dogs tried and I tried and….it was much better than last year when Pat and I went around the post in the wrong direction, before I noticed how the panels were situated, then moved on to re-enacting the battle of Little Bighorn; one dog, four sheep and a bemused mostly silent handler,

"Pat!" was my intermittent battlecry.  "Oh, Pat!"

Last year was truly profoundly, stirringly ugly.  And then Pat went away for several (NINE!) months.  So…there was no where to go but up this year.  That makes trialing much easier. So far.  That, and beer in a can. 


Rockingdawgs and I had a ceremonial exchange of lanyards.  She has long been a fan of paperclip smithing artistry and for nearly 6 minutes she made relentless….ah…rejoicing of the intricate twisting and bending of what once just held theoretical papers tidily together and now featured my whistle on a beaded string of what looks like hooker's teeth (BUT ISN'T!!),

("IS THIS PLASTIC!?" she asked, indicating said whistle, "Do you have this paperclip twisted around a PLASTIC whistle? O.M.G! Really?!"

The only thing that could have impressed her more, seemingly,  would have been if it doubled as a leg shaver. Next time.)

I admired her spare leather cord which didn't include beads from someone's serial killer menopause collection. 

I drove a 4 wheeler – small stuff for most of you, but was a huge fear of mine.  I always pictured this experience ending in flames and ruin,  but it was really much easier than youtube and paraplegics make it look. Now I want to try driving one while operating a chain saw.  For sure I'm getting Pat a t-shirt that says, "If You Can Read This, The Bitch Fell off."

Thanks Bill S!  


Next trial is in Utah.