Yesterday I worked PAT and Jai in Double D's field.

Yes! Pat is back.  He looks great, he appears to feel great.   Since he's been back, about a week, we've been mostly staring at each other and wagging and having snacks and long walks/runs in the desert and foothills. We've been NOT MAKING EYE CONTACT with aussies. (Zeke Finley HATES Pat. But Zeke Finley hates everyone at first. Except Jen, the sandy old tart.) 

Yesterday was our first opportunity to work with sheep again.

I know that there were some present who hoped that Pat would take me for a Hump down memory lane.  I wasn't CERTAIN that he wouldn't.  I wasn't SURE that I wanted to work him yet.  I was going to give him a bath and a few more weeks of praise. A new collar with gold dollar signs all over it.  A cape.

But there we were, out at DDs.  We'd stopped by after a run in the desert to help band/worm/tag sheep, which they had JUST finished.

I don't want to mention any names, but someone said, in a voice dripping in Let's Dress the Monkey like a Fancy Lady,

"Hey, Katy, why don't you work PAT?"

"Okay," I said, glad that I hadn't worn shorts, "I WILL."

And it was good.  He listened pretty well, he layed down about 70 percent of the time I whistled it.  We can improve on that.  He's fun to work because he is definitely different from Jai.  Pat is all fast hustle and power and Jai is all soft finesse and compliance. 

I'm looking forward to entering both in whatever trial is next.

But first, this next weekend we have a clinic with the P*trick and DD.  It's a kalvacade of fun including the Nevada Women – Mary and Ann, my favorites from the Northwest, Mindy, Leslie and Erica…plus locals Kelsey and Jody R.

The monkey will assuredly dress like a fancy lady. 

I'll write about it. I promise!