We had a great Easter weekend living at the DD Estate; working dogs with Susan, Jody R., and Kelsey, an easter beer hunt; learning to be more like Peg, who with a simple turn of her tri-colored head can wither a dog's spleen, reheat your morning coffee. Change the mood of an entire kennel. 

I want that knack.  Peg doesn't even growl or lift a lip to reveal teeth. She just turns her head and dogs fall away as if she were a nice fragrant bath or an invitation to an anal probe.

Occasionally she will scrap with a dog who gets in her way outside; blocks her view of the sheep or the horse…gets too close.  She's fair, but she is fearsome. 

I always wonder what Human Peg would be like.  A middle-aged lady– actually, a well-preserved 62, she lies and says 42, though, which is almost believable in a really hard-lived tragic way…that at some point involved fire and a lot of crying (HINT: Not her crying) and a really bad boob job… She 'rinses' her hair to keep out the gray,  probably divorced from some asshole who left her with 3 kids, all named 'Scott'.  She would wear the same 3 outfits from the 60's, proud that she can still fit into the dresses that she wore in reform school, or stole from JC Penny's before there were cameras… she has a sweet voice.  She peppers her engaging dialog, sitting at a bar stool, in the only bar that still allows smoking, even though she does not…with extremely foul language,

"Did you get to see your grandkids this weekend, honey?" she would ask another tavern regular…

"No, Peg.  Their mother took them to Disneyland, which Lisa says is just like visiting me only with rides and fun and without the vomit and blackouts."

"That bitch needs to be fisted by Satan, sweetie, and she will be, in the mother fucking afterlife.  Praise him!"

Peg would always insist on both barstools next to her remaining empty, unless she deemed otherwise, which she never does.  She still works a job, though they put her at a desk because too many 'accidents' were happening on the floor with the ratchet machine. Too many young girls and smartasses loosing fingers on Peg's shift.

Or maybe she'd be just like everyone's favorite aunt who liked kids in 15 minute increments and who was prettier than all the other aunts, except first thing in the morning.  Before her irish coffee and 2 hours in the bathroom.


Anyway! We worked dogs around obstacles that included beer yesterday and it was really fun, for one thing, but ultimately the aimless relaxed marching/driving/fetching/flanking of Jai and sheep around the field loosened her up and me in a way that proved beneficial to both. 

It is exactly what Dianne was having us work on LAST weekend, except with my shift in expectations, and focus– that it was, as it should be about Fun and not My Ruining Something…we were both more relaxed.

No harsh corrections, we worked together to find my beer, even if it included the loathed 'come by'…and it did.  Jai would still attempt to opt out now and then, but a gentle 'No…' seemed to convince her. 

In other news – – – Pat comes back. TODAY! I'm so excited that my humping leg is twitching…I will go over to Greenleaf soon and dust off his plush toys.  Buy more chicken. PAT!