How many times do I hear a student whine about working dogs in inclimate weather? I just chuckle to myself remembering back when I thought I had to work dogs in the rain and snow… but that was before I invented The Whistling P*trick.

The Whistling P*Trick uses pyrotechnic models to create a whistling stob that can be set in your pasture or adjacent to the working arena (should be a minimum of 150 feet from your dog or anything flammable).  When lit the Whistling P*trick will whistle an array of commands for up to 20 minutes.  Comes in 3 convenient models:

Novice – One whistle: Lie Down.  Repeated in 1 – 3 second increments until the end, which is when the stob just sort of fizzles to a stop.

PN – Three Whistles: Lie Down, Come By, and Away…plus a recall finale.

Open – This can burn for up to 30 minutes and has the full array of welsh tones, including those contained in the PN model, plus Look Back, Steady and Walk Up.  Ends with a spectacular recall, plus a fountain of color.

But P*trick, you say, what if my dog doesn’t TAKE A FLANK? What if my dog does NOT LIE DOWN when the P*trick whistles it?

For an additional $39.95 I encourage students to purchase the D-Nome.  It’s a small blonde motion activated garden statue that can detect when a dog has responded correctly to a whistle. If not the D-Nome will growl,

“What areyoudoinghuh?” or


and the occasional, “YOUGETOUTOFTHAT!”

You can purchase additional corrections from PTones(tm)  and download directly to your D-Nome for .99 each!

It’s worth it! I got Riggs to the finals, and WON, and I never left the house until May!