I've been housesitting for the DD's again. 

Which means I'm getting to work Jai every day, which I will write about later.

Also, running in the desert, which we just finished doing.



Also running in the desert with Jai and I, but not working sheep is Scout…seen here without her nose:


And I've been doing some marketing research for Products that I'd like P*trick and DD to endorse so that I can become Sinisterly Well Off and hire someone to yell at dogs for me, plus spritzer Jai and I and Scout with water while we run.  Also included in the job description will be providing a tough ankle at which Scout can occasionally lunge that isn't my own.

Because, let's face it, this little Sheepherding/trialing gig is nice, but I see a few too many Walmart bags in DDs pantry to say she's heading for the Big Time on her own.  And P*trick …he has to dust his own trophies.  THERE IS NO TROPHY ROOM, either. They just sort of sit out. On a shelf.  With other things.

Anyway.  Things are going to change…I can feel it.