Shanny Sani – Hand Sanitizer Wipes (biodegradable*)**

“People are always asking me, ‘P*trick Shannah*n ne Sannahan, how did you win the National F*nals…and all those other trials!? Tell me your SECRET!’ 

Well, my secret is these hand sanitizing wipes in flavors that dogs love – Bacon, Liver…LAMB – I never go to the post with unclean hands or an empty vegetarian pocket. I simply Wipe and Treat! Dogs love it and I always have their attention. Hint: Kids love them, too!”


“People ask me, ‘D*anne Dupree D*al, how do you train so many dogs every day and still have time for yourself?’

It’s easy with P*trick’s  new Shanny Mani – Bacon, liver and LAMB flavored instant manicure wipes.  Simply wrap your hands in these small moist clothes….wait five minutes (about the time it takes to work a novice dog, or an accomplished Other Breed around a small field) …and VOILA! Your hands LOOK and FEEL….AND SMELL ….great!  ALSO come in Patty’s Pedi Pedicure Wipes for working in the big fields with more talented dogs.


“People come up to me after my run, lately, and say, ‘HOLY NONKOSHER CHRIST! HOW have you IMPROVED SO MUCH in such a short time, (insert name of someone applicable),?" 

I’m tempted to not tell them… [insert gentle chuckle] but that just wouldn’t be right… so I just hand them one of these [greasy dripping moist towelette, followed by a small swarm of wasps] and one of these [jar].  If you are like me, you are absolutely driven to distraction by wasps and flies at the post. I couldn’t think, sometimes I couldn’t even whistle. GOD KNOWS I COULD NOT SHED to SAVE MY SOUL.  ALL THAT ….BUZZING AND STINGING!  Then P*trick came up to me one day and handed me his P’s B’s Bee-Gone…and a jar.  These greasy moist clothes smell so strongly of bacon and mountain dew that Bees and Wasps and several species of fly cannot resist.  They stick to the cloth and die.  Then you can feed the cloth to your dog after you win! It’s that simple!”

Order now and we’ll throw in a towel! (The Shanny Shammy)