I'm housesitting for the DDs while she is in Oregon teaching others.  I'm sitting here in her clothes (why not? Her instruction note says, "I would hope that you will help yourself to whatever.  Even and especially my clothes and lifestyle…professional credibility…"

The dogs seem to like it.  They sniff my short pants legs, then my exposed shins…and look at me sadly, but waggingly.  Petal stared at me before and after staring at Peg. 

The part in bold she didn't actually PUT IN THE NOTE…but it was inherent to the rest of her instructions on how to take care of the animals, her house, and further texted instructions daily that help me to be more like her and less like someone who spent her formative years with lab monkeys and a weasel, plus many hours of 70's television) 

So I'm sitting here in her clothing, as I was saying, which are about 4 inches to short for me, wondering when the sun will come up…

Oh, hey! THE SUN IS UP! BECAUSE IT'S 11 o'clock! DD has blackout curtains and blankets covering every portal to the outside.

Time to put on DDs coat and go work! 

Yesterday I drove to town and purchased panels for the pasture so that I could practice with Jai on obstacles.  The first obstacle Jai and I had was fitting these 'panels'…(actually Privacy Lattice) 8' x 4' into the back of my Subaru ….6 x 3ish….  I had to lash them to the roof of my car.  When I say 'lash' I mean use bread ties to sort of fasten them tentatively to the roof rack…(really zip ties, but they were more suited to keeping bagels restrained than these huge ass lattices, every time I tried to tighten them, they broke.  So I festooned the rack with TENS of ties on each side hoping that they'd break slowly one by one as I drove…the last one holding until DDs driveway).

A nice man stopped behind me on highway 55 to give me a bungie cord.  By 'nice man' I mean 'terrified motorist'.  His windshield was being peppered with zip ties as I careened down the highway, at 35 MPH, lattice flapping FUCK YOU SPEED LIMIT ENTHUSIASTS! to all who followed. 

Jody R and Kelsey came over in the afternoon and helped me set up our Shriner's course.  It was short and narrow and would have been perfect to have the sheep set out of clown cars…

The field was very foggy and we couldn't see the sheep down field when we sent our dogs. 

"I wonder if we should go up further and help our dogs?" Jody R asked.

"Nah.  DD's pants say send em and see what comes out in the wash…"

Jody helped her dog, initially.  Jody's dogs worked great.  Jai worked really well also, but did grip once at the panels when a ewe got a little reluctant to give up her privacy.  

Kelsey's dog looked really good.  They are ready for novice, but she wants to hear that from more than just me and the ill-fitting apparel of her trainer.

We expected the added pressure of fog, and new lattice (PRIVACY!) would be difficult and maybe problematic for the dogs, but they all worked really well.    The sheep seem to enjoy their new pasture lattice. 

The horse is suspicious. As always.  Maybe today I'll wear one of DDs riding outfits.