Two things that I believe about Jai:

1) She is the smartest dog on the planet.  Sometimes when she looks at me I can see her unconditional love of my thumbs and access to sheep …I can tell that if she could speak, most of her sentences would start out with, "Good job, Door Opener!" or "That's okay, Driver…."… the worst case MIGHT include a touch of frustration, "Better luck next time, Beloved Dipshit!"

She is happy and positive and really really sweet.  Her ears are so big they keep the sun out of both of our eyes, if she stands JUST RIGHT.

2) If I cannot progressively do better and better at trials with this dog, I really need to take up a hobby where the animal is in charge.  Something where monkeys experiment on humans.  Or cats knead your lap while you feed them catchovies ™ from a can in some Sanctuary built by a Fabulously Well-To-Do kitten heiress.   

Yes, Jai still lacks a bit of confidence, but she makes up for it in enthusiasm, responsiveness, and smarts.  I never have to raise my voice unless its due to distance.  She takes a correction and adjusts immediately.  She applys the correction to future instances of a similar nature,

"Well, the Whistling Field Obstacle suggested that I speed up driving away from that clump of anarchy on the other side of the fence, where this clump of organization seems to want to go…that turned out okay, so I think I'll speed up here, too, after our turn, when the clumps like to stand. Laying down can wait."

I am housesitting for the DDs while she is away in Washington giving lessons. So for the next 3 days Jai and I will have time to improve my handling. 

Our first trial is in December.   Second is January.  I don't know what our third one will be….but after that I could be fixing flat tires on circus bikes for bears …or changing kitty litter in an olympic sized catbox…

It all depends on me.  Jai will be great.