This is 'Jai'…'Jayce' (pictured here looking relaxed without the help of artificial stimulents)

I've changed her name because someone told me Jai meant Victory in Hindi.  No offense to the Hindi, or my pasty white friends who like incense and saying 'Nomaste' like they have multi-cultural tourettes. 

I'm naming her after what the lady at my favorite Mexican food restaurant says when I ask,

"Do you have Corona Lite?"


She, the dog (…but..well, both dog and waitress, really) is very enthusiastic and sweet.  I haven't worked her yet, but hope to this weekend. Then will begin our steady progress into greatness. Yes. 

(And delusion!)

In the meantime she is running with me and wagging at all the trash I talk. 

"Do you think Jasper is getting fat, Jai?"

Wag wag wag

"Have you noticed that People Who Aren't Me aren't as Nice and Intelligent and worthy of Laying the Fuck Down for?"

Wag wag

"…Except P*trick and the DD"


She's a Good Dog.  I'm pretty excited to start regularly working consistently with one dog again.


Everything about her says, "Jayce!"