Yesterday morning I worked Pat at Dianne's in her horse arena.  (Her alfalfa fields are completely overrun with alfalfa.)

We're still working on slowing down, lying down when I whistle it…which we're working on being calmly….and, of course, my timing.  I tend to *FREAK OUT* when the sheep approach an obstacle and the realization hits, like in one of those I Forgot My Pants dreams, that they aren't there where they should be.  They will *miss* the obstacle.


Yes, there is a whistle for that. It's illegal in most states, EXCEPT Idaho.  It throws birds off their migration.

I need to remember to lie Pat down and let the sheep drift, using the draw to help place them, before re-engaging Pat.  I need to remember to be calm because aside from the frantic whistle/command screeching…I also flail and dance around on limbs akimbo.  It's HUGELY amusing for Dianne, which is really WHY I think she continues to encourage me in this sport. 

Sometimes I wonder why she and P*trick don't ask me to wear a giant ram costume and sell snacks at their trials and clinics instead.  I'd be really good at that….

But I do know how to whistle.  In several languages.