Correction:  Rage Hardwood just texted me that Rose is by BRAD and Reba (Brad might not work at NASA. Rage didn't say.  Brad sounds like the name of someone who wouldn't, though. Brad is the name of someone whom you BLAME for things,

"Thanks for the ROUNDWORMS, BRAD…." or

"Thanks a lot, BRAD…you said you were NEUTERED."

Anyway. Brad. I have NO IDEA whether John Glenn was EVER involved. I'm beginning to suspect that was all MADE UP.  You can't trust anybody anymore.)

Reba is out of Glyn, who never went to the moon, AS FAR AS WE KNOW. BUT, these were the Y2K year(s).  A lot happened.  And didn't happen. 

Anyway! 'Fact' is just another word for 'Nothing Left too loose'.