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I worked setout this last weekend at Big Willow with Ray and Gladys Crabtree, Amy Coapland and Angie Untisz.  Aside from the fact that I didn't actually SEE a willow, let alone a big one, so thank god I wasn't in it for the botany, it was a great event and I had a lot of fun working with interesting, hilarious, and good people. 

Ellen Skillings won and her final run was especially beautiful from start to finish, at which point she had well over a minute to spare. Next year I hope she'll use this time to make a little speech about the Vanishing Willow. I'll remember to suggest it.

I think that Lavon Calzacorta came in 2nd and 3rd was Libby Nieder.  (I think I FINALLY have this right…based on the posting of the results) Patrick came in 4th. 

Now, I have to admit that because I was working and not just spectating I did NOT see all or most of many runs.  I made it a point to watch when I could,  but it wasn't often that I saw an entire run and anyway I'm not really made of the stuff that can do a credible blow by blow rundown of each run…or any run. Suffice it to say that it was fun, as always, being at the top. I think that it's especially cool to be where the dog is having to make some of his own decisions.  Yeah, you have a handler several hundred yards away whistling, but with these sheep, and the topography…you had to trust your dog to read the sheep and the dogs that did really well were clearly the ones who are more than just well trained on whistles.  

But enough about the people who KNOW what they are doing. Let's get back to ME.

I used Pat (my soul mate, and a known perv) and Rose (another dog of Patrick's) to help with the setout.  Rose is a little thing of Derek Fisher breeding (Reba and …I want to say John Glenn, the astronaut, but I think that isn't true.  If it turns out that it IS, you heard it here first! SCANDAL at NASA!…anyway…the Glen part is right). Reba is owned by Robin Nueffer (sp?) and Ray had her working with him at setout.  Reba and Rose refused to acknowledge one another, but seemed to share a love of The Poptart. A forbidden love that hasn't served Reba well.  I suspect that Rose eats grass to save her figure. She's perfect.

Working Rose was really fun. I hadn't so much as petted her prior to P*trick handing her over Saturday morning, but she likes to work so much that she didn't care that I was Not Patrick.  She is fast and stops on a canadian dime.  (They're worth more!)  She is sweet and small and intelligent.   I've seen Riggs x Rose pups and I want one.  Just like everyone else on the planet, probably including John Glenn. That cad.

In closing (almost), because of all that Dianne and Patrick do to contribute constantly to my stockdog training development, lending me dogs, giving me advice, reminding me to put in for trials ON TIME….I feel that I should change my name to either Red Top Katy or Red Run Katy (Dianne's kennel name is Orchard Run).

Oh, and this post is dedicated to Lora Withnell, who is a nag. But a nice one.  Thanks for letting me use your sheep whacker…uh, stock wand.  It was VERY HELPFUL. It helped turn 'ewes' into 'used'. 

AND! I promise to update more.  Really, this time!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Amy says that Rose is out of Glyn, not Glenn…so apparently NASA has that base covered. I know that Derek Fisher goes by the name Rage Hardwood when he's stripping….so, it's not uncommon in the stockdog world to have pseudonyms.