I know I'm negligent about updating this… Susan fears that people will think my dog has passed on, Colleen is rationing my words. I KNOW!

I wish I could train Pat to type.  Or..do I?  What would my words look like screened through the eyes of Pat's obsession with The Hump?

This weekend while Dianne is away trialing in Utah, I am taking care of her last Bett/Riggs pup, whom I am calling 'Miguel', because I like it…Miggs for short.  It won't stick but I like it better for the weekend than PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY! 

I'm staying at Greenleaf with Pat, Miggs, and Scout. 

Scout didn't like Miggs at first; she curled her lip a few times and that was enough for Miggs, who shows a great deal of sensitivity…yet is also very brave. You just don't seem to need to tell her anything three times.  Now Scout would like her to play, but Miggs is wary.  Scout bounds and bows and runs away, looking back…while Miggs waits politely at the doggie door, not making eye contact.  Similar to me and men who wear stained sansabelt trousers at the bus stop in downtown Seattle.

PAT tolerates Miggs in a very sweet way, but it's clear that its 'tolerance' and not 'love'.

Miggs, however, loves Pat.  She attacks, licks, curls up with him.  He calmly tries to endure or get away.  He never curls a lip or issues a growl.  Last night he slept outside.  I kept calling him in to his place by my bed, but he'd sneak back out.  It's just too distasteful.  When Miggs barks, which she occasionally does, usually at him or something related to play – he bee-lines it for outside.  It's pretty humorous. 

She's a good girl though. She's low maintenance, very sweet, and fun.  She slept in her crate all last night, her second night ever without littermates, and she only whined for about 5 minutes.  She's sleeping now, next to Pat.  Soundly, adorably.

I will regret this later.