Today I worked Pat for the first time since the Sleddin' and Sheddin' trial.  I have been out of town or ridiculously busy pretending to love garland and wrapping shit in colorful paper.  But that is OVER and I'm around for awhile.

I went to Dianne's house this afternoon and practiced shedding with Pat.  I've only ever tried shedding once before, last summer, with Jen.  To say that it's fun sort of minimizes the point and maximizes my idiocy. Still.  There it is.  Pat is especially good at it.  This exercise in particular highlighted for me how intelligent Pat is…as I'm sure it highlighted to Pat how I'm lucky to have thumbs and a job that doesn't involve livestock.   He doesn't understand how, yet, but somehow I bring home the chicken.  The few times that I'd set things up right and then take the wrong group, Pat would hesitate, look at me, look at the right group, then take the group I was indicating despite it violating his esthetics, I'm sure.  I'm also certain that if he had a shrug, here is where he would employ it.  Pat is too nice for a middle finger.  I love him.