Not a lot of dog time in the last few weeks, due to work travel. 

Last weekend Pat and I participated in the world famous Sleddin' and Sheddin' Trial, held at the Helsley Estate in New Plymouth…(not the NEWEST PLYMOUTH,  for fans of politics, but a fairly modern Plymouth and it will be part of Derek's and my new Annex with Greenleaf coming sometime after the next election cycle.  Our first action will be to make it illegal to use horse trailers as pens in setout within city limits.) 

Trial wise, I did better than I did last year, when I actually failed to enter.  Last year I was training with only  Scout and I opted to just RT her at home and scribe for Patrick, hang out and watch other runs, etc. 

So Pat and I did not do as well as my delusions like to promise nor as badly as reality tends to threaten.  We made it around the course and penned both runs.  The panels….seemed to Pat more like a suggestion and to my timing not a very plausible one.  Still, it was a good time and we'll enter whatever trial comes next and hope to do better.