I'm in Atlanta.

I'm not a fan but that is because I'm not here for the right
reasons. I'm here to work.  Were I here to explore and have a good
time, I'd probably really like this place.  I've always wanted to drive around and see the south, but this isn't that trip.  I flew in and took the subway to my hotel. That is where, as they say, the sidewalk ends.

You can't walk here. You have to take a cab or drive or stand around looking confused because the side walk ends at 5 lanes of rushing GA highway traffic.  Seriously, my hotel is .8 miles from the office where we have our training…and I have to take a cab.  Gah.  I'm saving my lofty government per diem, though; i'm drinking wine I bought at Krogers and eating Luna bars and cashews for ALL MY MEALS.  

I thought about going down to the bar for happy hour…but I feel like my wine and my cashews are the better option.  God knows I throw away money, but not on food.  I will drink alone, but I have a hard time eating alone. 

I can't adjust to this time zone, so I'm staying up all night. Bright eyed and bushy tailed will only begin to describe what our students get by tomorrow afternoon when My Gig is Up.