This afternoon I went out and worked Pat one last time before the trial…  One of the bitches at Dianne's house is in heat so Pat was a mess. He didn't listen, took the wrong flanks, wanted to work for Dianne, thought seriously about humping Ann's leg.  Nice.  It wasn't pretty.  In turn I responded, as I do, with frenzy.  At the pen, I said, "AWAY!"  when I should have said, "A-way".  Dianne reminded me that it's important how we say our commands, especially when things are ramping up or the pressure is more than usual.  

"You screeched at him, 'AWAY!' …. he responded as Pat will, in a frenzy.  You need to say it softly and draw the command out if you want him to respond more calmly.  Use 2 syllables and you will get 2 syllables.  Shout out one fast command and that's what you'll get."

I have reconciled myself to accepting whatever happens.  We'll do our best. I love Pat, he's a great dog and we both have
issues.  If I end up being the Poster Child for all that can go
wrong…so be it.  I think facing the Worst Trial Experience Ever could be worth something in itself.  I am learning a lot, slowly.  

Tomorrow I leave for Seattle. I've bumped it up a day. Cienna and I both miss my mother.   I'm taking Scout with me for company. 

I might blog, I might not. I'm looking forward to the Dina Martina Xmas show. This will be my third season.