Yesterday I worked Pat and Jen at Dianne's.  Dianne worked Scout. 

I used Pat to hold sheep for Jaenne to practice her lift.  I think my and Pat's skills really shine in setting sheep.  We're small goal types.  We like all the same things. 

I used Jen later for 'playing catch' with Dianne/Shep.  Jen is a great dog, but so much harder for me to work than Pat.  That eye.  That stubbornness.  Jen had a hard time lifting the sheep.  She kept stalling at 10 or 2, staring, maybe a wag to acknowledge hearing me…way back there on the other end of the field…she just stood her incorrect ground, probably reflecting on how nice and comfortable her sided Dr. Fosters and Smith dog bed is and how much she likes her new plush squeaky tick toy.  Would there be chicken or beef for dinner?  I'm sure I interrupted her fond reflections with my continued whistling and increasingly shrill corrections.  Rude.

Pat. I love Pat. He's goofy, intelligent, damaged, sensitive….all the other dogs seem to view him with suspicion and/or revulsion.  He's replaced my/Carlos' hamster Howard as my soul mate.  

I sat in the car contemplating a hot bath while Dianne worked Scout.  I hear it went well.