I’m sitting at the airport in Reno waiting for my flight. It may be awhile…flights just started taking off again… having been grounded or diverted since 11:00 due to high winds.  People are a bit edgy.  Except me because of my internal goodness and calm easy going nature.  That, and I was up drinking with a few people last night until 2:30 and I’m so tired and burned out that any emotion beyond the most basic survival ones will need at least 48 hours to regenerate.  

It is probably predictable that last night I drank too much, me about 8
others; they came to MY condo because the fireplace in mine was functional.


Everyone brought huge ‘Growlers’ of microbrew from Truckee… thick high alcohol content beer that should need to shave twice a day and be separated from weaker beverages by force….and today I thought that I was probably sorry. Vaguely sorry, for one or more things, or many things;  but that seemed to wear off after I had some coffee. I was so excited to see eggs and hash browns that I decided that maybe it wasn’t remorse. I get emotions and appetite confused.

Exception: I did text my good friend K*m because I
made her stay until everyone else left.  It was tedius, for sure.  We were both very tired.  The next to
last guy, B*ll, was driving back to Reno to catch a flight at 3:30.  He seemed to be considering the Stay Up instead of Get 1 Hour Sleep option.  I like B*ll. I just thought our evening needed K*m in it.  I’m not a one-on-one kind of person until I know one for ….oh, a year or about 1000 emails.  Or both. Or sometimes never. 

I just
kept mouthing, “DO NOT LEAVE” to K*m, while berating B*ll for having a
degree in Chinese Sanskrit. (Because…really)

(And philosophy…which even my goddamn dog
has a minor in…Zeke majored in Canine Good Citizen, did his thesis on
Cats: A Study in Leave It).

I work with B*ll and I figured he had some
sort of Berkley degree….everything about him screams Drumming Circle and Natural Fibers….but I assumed that his education was in forestry or something similar.  Ecology, maybe. 
Not Chinese Sanskrit.  

“WTF? What did you plan to do with
that? Unlock the secrets of the General’s Chicken? Buy a tattoo gun and
get in on the ground floor of the affectation art boom?”

“It was great to study…”

“I have a degree in Spanish Tagging. Or I will have, as soon as I print it…”

(Yeah. I’m a 6 gun charm boat.)


“We should leave, B*ll,” she kept saying. “I’ll walk out with you….” 

“I’m pretty tired…B*ll…will you walk me to my room?”

seemed like the creepiest lesbian ever, while I studied my shoes, like
a chronic, nodding slowly so as not to seem …completely
incapable of handling my own social situations.

“I owe you.” I texted her at 6 am.

“Yes you do.” she texted back.

“Don’t ever fucking suggest drinking in MY room again.”


There should be a Sanskrit symbol for that.