Yesterday I worked Pat in Dianne's field.  He was perfect. He slowed his pace when I asked him to, he downed immediately and he never lost his head.  I credit the Sheep Camp with helping me learn how much correction, and when, was enough for Pat, as well as a lot of fine tuning on pressure and draw that I am pretty certain I wasn't ready for before last week. 

PLUS: Dianne had Pat (and Riley) bathed and groomed so he looked especially beautiful.   I love that dog, who belongs to 3 other people.  

"How did he work for you?" Dianne asked when she came back from giving a lesson in the indoor arena.

"Great. Better than ever. He is consistently working better for me each time."

"Oh, well, that's because he was really happy that he got a bath," she replied.

"Really?" I asked in a moment that I wished immediately I could take back and stomp into the ground.

Dianne guffawed, "YEAH!"

Yeah.  Well. He did look spectacular. 

Next week I am in Tahoe all week for a Predictive Sciences meeting.   (It's actually 'Services' but I substitued Science because the last goddamned thing I need is for people to hit this blog while searching for fire weather and intelligence information.)  This is one of the few meetings I attend that is worth the time.  PLUS: Many of my best friends and favorite people will be there.   These are nervous, smart, super nerdy people who shut it all down and drink at night and become especially funny as only the super nerdy can.   I'm looking more forward to it than my subsequent travel: Atlanta, Georgia, where I've never been and SLC, where I go fairly regularly.  Between Atlanta and the Osmond Empire, I have the S&S trial at Helsleys.  I hope I get in enough Pat time so that we don't revert back to full suckage.