One of the ewes keeps getting out of my pasture.  She's been found on the highway, she's been seen standing in the middle of my lane.  There are 9 others seemingly just like her who are content, plus a ram.  I have plenty of grazing on my 3 acres. Plus a ram.  Everyone says what a handsome ram he is.  Buff little guy with huge horns.  She is not impressed.

I think that little ewe has been eying my neighbor's goats. I think she wants something different.
Goats are the bad boys of the ruminant world.  Often connected with Satan and nasty cheese.  Goats are individuals. They seem more intelligent.  They have this dark side that is irresistible, except in cheese.

I dated a man for years who claimed that my attraction to him was based on him being "an outlaw"…

We had a semi-horrible relationship. It fluctuated from really really intense in a good way…to really really shit.  His theory was that I loved his bad boy image/side.   I never bought it.  I did admire that he lived outside the traditional constricts of society and that he loved what he did for a living. I always admire that.  But, like any addiction, I really just lived for the peaks of the relationship. Eventually I married, twice, men who I could stand to be around more consistently, but far less intensely.  It's a trade off.  

Today I will fix the fence. One of them.