My mother for years would regularly ask me just what it was that I did for a living.  GIS, GPS and the technology involved were just acronyms that confused her. I'd simplify it by saying I made maps.

""You use a computer to do this?  What do you make your maps OF?" she would ask. 

This was a woman who didn't want to know what was meant by "clicking" a "mouse."

I would explain fire risk analysis, resource benefit, fuels modeling. Blink blink blink. 

"I make maps of fire related stuff. Sometimes of the fires themselves."

Months would pass, my aunt would visit.

"Katy, what is it that you DO again? Tell Auntie Ruth…she's a nurse, she might understand…"

One day about 2 years ago I was taking my mom on a vacation and I had my computer out, planning the route in Google Earth so that we would stay in decent hotels that were near places where my mother could get her beloved Senior Discount Breakfasts…and I could run.  She was watching me over my shoulder.

"OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS SO IMPRESSIVE!" she gushed as Google gave distances to Starbucks and trails and her Shari's restaurants.  "IS THIS WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK?"

Google earth is a nice display for geographic information.  It's like a Playskool front for GIS. It's easy, its fast and its brainless.

"Yes. It is." I answered.  Why not?  She nodded, happy at last to understand.

Months later we were at some huge family/firend function and she asked me across the room, at top volume,

"Katy! Do you still GOOGLE THE EARTH? Is that what it is you are DOING?"

Somehow I felt like a pervert. My brother smirked.  "While she fondles the moon…."

My demo today is on advanced capabilities in GE with fire information.  I'm going to leave my fly open.  I'll need a shower afterward. 

I just realized that I already wrote about my mother not understanding my job….so now I'm being redundant. Again.  Screw it. I'd delete this post but it would show up on other people's links so…whatever.

When my nasty little demo is finished or tonight I'll post something new and exciting. It's GL night and I'll be relieved.  I'll post on every blog I've ever created and then some, just to purge my techie demons. To BITCH SLAP my left brain.