Sheep camp was, as Susan said, "really effin' good". 

I really appreciated having Don Helsley present the technical details of what constitutes a good handler, good dog, and good run the first two days, helping us define our dog's and our own weaknesses, followed by Patrick's more cerebral approach of what factors influence these details, how it's all about communication, really, and learning to be effective in translating and conveying information on the field between you and your dog, making your dog accountable, etc.  Patrick is really uniquely able to read people and animals and pointing out what may sometimes afterward seem obvious but one would never come up with on one's own, especially if one is prone to being distracted by one's own humming.  I could go on but I'm tired now, had my third night of pizza and beer, no run in 4 days, and its a fact that I am on the cusp of just jabbering. 

Suffice it to say that I needed this and it was good. 

Now, tomorrow I return to work where I have successfully cornered myself into having one day to prepare a "high tech" presentation for a group of unknowns.  I hate this sort of thing but the man who asked me to do it is a really nice person who always gives me books and talks softly and nicely to me and never insinuates that I'm insane or sarcastic or lucky to have a job.   He's the head of our external affairs and should know better than to stick me in front of a group of his well-dressed 'constituants' ….but sometimes these nice people just believe Karma will see them through.  I am loathe to be part of his hard lessons learned process, but….we all have our role to play.  I think I'll dress like a taco or anatomically correct therapy bear.