This being in the house business is confusing for Pat.  He sits and stares at me.  I'm either going to get him some good wrap-around shades, and a piano, or its going to stop.

This morning I fed them all chicken thighs and it took Pat about 15 minutes to eat his. He moved it around, licked at the skin, dropped it, drug it all over the floor, tentative corner bite… It was almost as if he would have benefitted from an instructional video. 

He's finished now and its back to staring.  I hope this signifies a new reflective side emerging from Pat, but he's probably just trying to bend me.

PS: A few people have asked me about my deleted post. I forgot that once I post something it remains a link off of anyone's site that has me on their blog roll. A dead link.  Sorry.  I'm going to try to make this blog more about Dogs and less about me. I'll do the weirder posts elsewhere.  Mostly….