In a perfect world (Newest Green Plymouth, coming soon in 2010) I think poetry should only be used to deliver really bad news. Like Death or Disease. Military Coup.  How much its going to cost to get your car fixed…I like the contrast of horrible and horrific.  I'm also a big fan of training shitzu's to sniff out cancer and letting them bear the bad news at your doctor appointment. Same reasons. Then they wag for a snausage and you are on your way.

It's over the top cheesy to use poetry to describe or express Love and Beauty.   That sort of thing needs to be emoted through some sort of process that contrasts your weakness in needing to.  Van Gogh had it right with cutting his ear off.  I'd probably cut someone elses off, because I hate pain. But I would ask first, and offer cash compensation, if it was a good ear, one a shitzu had recently sniffed.  But even that, really, is too much work. I think beauty should be trapped and love should be beaten down. If you must write about it, write an obituary or a Craig's List ad. 

I'm a huge romantic. I'm older fashioned than Hallmark or walking upright.