Today is election day ….and I forgot to run for Mayor. Which is okay, because the GL mayor seat isn't part of this election cycle.  I think its 2010.  Whatever. I'm starting my campaign today because ….

I did my morning google on how Greenleaf got its name and found the following pathetic fact:

The community was named for John Greenleaf Whittier, Quaker poet.

I'm really pretty strongly opposed to poets in general, for the most part, but I do love oatmeal.   I think its time to erase this violently bad rhyming history from the city annals:

O Brother Man, fold to thy heart thy brother:
Where pity dwells, the peace of God is there;
To worship rightly is to love each other,
Each smile a hymn, each kindly word a prayer.

And replace it with my own better verse that celebrates more the breakfast cereal side of things:

Boil for Three Minutes, Stir and Let Stand,

                                    by Mayor Elect KS Hipke

Yo, piece-packin' peace lovin' quick-cookin' mo fo's –

Time to get your rural ass down to the votin' po's

You can keep your oats, your God and your Gun

I'm buildin me a liquor barn bigger than the Sun