Gena is a mother.  A single mother.  She has 3 children whom she adopted from far away lands or convicts and she parents like a hun.  She approaches everything with the same Atilla softness. I like Gena a lot, but I've never had her strict overbearing dictator arm pointed at me.  I have never supervised anyone and never will.  There isn't a GS-rating high enough to tempt me.  As a mother, I tend toward being….bewildered. Thank GOD my children have always pitied my lack of parenting skills instead of exploiting them.   Where I've heard Gena tell people she has her kids do jumping jacks for questioning her, I tended to question myself when my children questioned me.

"God, Carlos…maybe you are right. Maybe we should pull an all nighter and watch this movie 5 more times.  I think I thought you were supposed to be in bed by 8 because I've heard such things on television or from less imaginative mothers. Get me another beer and lets get on with it!"

When Cienna and Carlos were small, my only real rule was, "Please don't bring too many of those other people your age over at once. I'm not sure what to say to them and I'm pretty certain I can only go an hour or so without using the words that your teachers don't like and that your not allowed to say, except at family gatherings, until you can use them correctly in a FULL sentence."

This advice applies to me and people my age, too. 

Gena is trying to boss Susie and me around this morning.  She's rearranged her work area, because Janus suggested that she do so, and now she's reclaiming her tactical space.  Susie feels guilty to have started this and exposed. Susie hates conflict. She is on her belly licking Gena's jaw. 

Gena just suggested that I move my boxes, so she doesn't have to face them, to which I replied,

"No…I have a meeting then I'm going home, bitches. " 

We all have to face something we don't like.  Silence. Susie and Gena exchange eyebrow involved glances.

No one said Thank You to me for giving them something to bond over.