When I got to work this morning, Janus intercepted me outside her office, where I was skulking, and said,

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm….what do I ever do here?"  I thought it might be a trick question.

"Susie isn't going to be happy…I told her that she'd have the office to herself…"

"SWEET HOT CREAMY CENTERED CHRIST, Janus, are we really catering to this despot in disneywear?"

Apparently we are.  I have to keep my office calendar current and WORK AT HOME more so that Susie's head doesn't pop right off and go rolling down the rat-infested hallway.  

Susie just got to work.  I'm playing my favorite L7 cd – Hungry for Stink…softly.  L7 was a part of the original grunge scene, only out of Los Angeles.  I love their music, but I'm guessing Susie won't.  It's funny that this angry, disturbed punk sounds actually more sinister played softly,

I'm saving my piss in a jar
This depression has gone too far
I'm lying here in bed
Am I alive or am I dead

I'm questioning my sanity

The paint chips are kicking in
Desperation bubbles my skin
There's stuff crawling on the floor
Crackers with black books knocking at my door

Now I just need a bookshelf for my Precious Dead Baby Animals in Jars collection.  I'm bidding on twin squirrels RIGHT NOW!