I worked Jen and Pat at Dianne's house this morning. 

Pat took all my gentle corrections, my whistles were recognizable as direction and not some sort of off-key mechanical tourettes.  Pat stayed calm, I stayed quiet and confident.  He worked better for me than he ever has. He took inside flanks, his outruns were wide and nice; he stopped on a dime ….I had .60 cents scattered all over the pasture…and a couple of nickels, one of which he pee'd on, as did I…more disappointing than a penny, really, and none of the old world charm. One thing is certain: Pat knows his pocket change…

Jen likewise listened and her stamina has improved even in this short period.  My biggest challenge with her this weekend will be in not losing my own head and doing a succession of stupid things.  Like being on the wrong side of the gate for the sort, forgetting an obstacle, or answering my cell phone if it rings. …Thinking I should try anything that involves a duck. 

Both worked so well that it's almost ominous.  Just in case, for the trial I plan to wear a flame-retardant
padded suit, carry a thatch of Dianne's hair, and
saturate my shoes with goat urine.  That last part is experimental.

I'm looking forward to the ranch trial…and being out at GL all weekend.