Apparently SUSIE doesn't like our office arrangement.  After Gena and I left yesterday, Susie whined like a jetski across the pristine waters that were our mostly unpacked (well, not me..) setup, down the hall, and into Janus' office. 

Gena texted me last night. 

"Susie went to Janus after we left today and told her that she hates everything about our office and is demanding things be rearranged, with movable partitions and that my air fresheners be put in the break room…"

I have no idea how she knows this.  She is prone to paranoia, she probably has our offices wired.  Those fucking plants.  She and Susie are much better friends than any other configuration in this mix, outside the fichus and the fern, maybe,  and, frankly, I don't give a roll-away fuck where I work. I'm working on my couch in Greenleaf right now.  My dogs wag when I "take a meeting"….Only people I like call me on my cell phone.   I have all the coffee I need and music and NPR and no. fucking. renuzit. 

That the Renuzit was one of Susie's complaints is pretty funny, actually.  Maybe she has a beef (PUN! She's a VEGETARIAN!) with the plug in freshener because I told her, when Gena was out of the room, that they are tested on KITTENS.  They might be. I don't know that they AREN'T.  Anyway, Susie wants candles, apple cider cooking in her tiny crookpot…'natural' odors….  Everything bad is relegated to the break room, THAT I can agree with.  I dump everything I don't want in there… Once I left a sandwich on the table, like an offering to Breaks. No one touched it for at least a week. I assume it isn't still there, but I wouldn't put money on it. Maybe its been relocated to the new breakroom.

Anyway, the entire time we were moving into our office Gena kept consulting both Susie and I…

"Is it okay if I put my bookshelf here?"

"Do you mind your desk there?"

"Can I burn something that smells like old lady sweaters on high?"

I didn't care much about any of it, except the ELECTRIC ODOR MACHINE.  Susie shrugged and smiled through it all.  Susie has DEMANDS that she will only air at the top.  I hate that sort of passive aggressive way of doing business. 

I have a jar of Doe Pee (100%) scent from a few years ago I thought might be nice. It is fall…