Today I worked Pat and Jen at Dianne's house.  Jen needs more time running with me, she has lost some fitness the last month or so.  She's slow and appears to prefer snoring in soft beds and the occasional patronizing wag to most else.  Pat worked really well, the mistakes were mostly mine.  Dianne worked Scout and that seemed good, judging from my vantage point crouched in the front seat of my car.  (Dianne later confirmed this).   

I'm going to enter the AHBA trial that Gem State Herding is sponsoring Halloween weekend.  I will suck so profoundly that it may change the weather, the tides, consumer reports rating for the 2009 upright vacuum…. I will run Pat one day (whatever day Dianne doesn't) and Jen the other. 

I'm okay with sucking.  I haven't ALWAYS been okay with it. I've had my moments where, riding high on my own irrational expectations of somehow being Great without Experience or Logic….out of no where, me and my Unknown Dog…..Arrive and Conquer All that is Trialing, etc…etc…and, instead, I careen wildly onto the scene, in a car that is suddenly too small for its contents.  Delusion, behind the wheel, rams into Reality, hard and square.  Reality gets out of it's vehicle bearing a 2 foot steel flashlight (halogen!) and beats the ever lovin' shit out of my Dreams, strapped in a toddler seat in back! (BABY ON BOARD!)… and in the end I have to get towed home with a donor organ cooler full of damaged dream kidney and my Delusion puking out the window in the back, bleeding ….. blaming ME,

"Were you DRINKING? I hope so! Crying is not a command!"

"Ducks!? WTF? Were you Serious!?"

"Turns out we BOTH fail the instinct test! But at least I LIKE to eat shit!"

How's that? Yeah, I've been drinking wine.  That's what WINE does for one….bad prose.

Anyway: Bottom line, I don't care about the Sucking. Dianne said once that we should have one thing in mind that we want to accomplish on the field, trial or training. Shoot for one thing.  A controlled lift, a good crossdrive, getting the pen…. Maybe that wasn't Dianne.  It sounds so stupid now.

I kid. This time I am shooting for actually going through with entering.  Everything after will be something we can all laugh about later when I'm showing cats in Jack Pot, NV, and referring to these as my Drinking Days.