I just realized that I forgot to pack a hair brush. Such a simple thing unless you have my hair.  And no car, no store in sight.  On top of my shotgun question and humming strategy for this morning's meeting, I get to add a slight suspicion that I slept with raccoons in some bushes near the facility.  I wish now that I'd packed my things in a hefty lawn and leaf bag.

This morning I received an E-vite to a "dinner party" from my ex.  It astounds me how far he has migrated from the guy I was married to, who wouldn't know a Dinner Party from the Donner Party, and overwhelmingly would  have preferred the latter. I know I do.   He also talks in kid talk and uses his wife's expressions, like,

"Alrighty then…"

adding  "things and such" to the end of sentences…

"talk soon" as a salutation. 

They call eachother 'honey'…

We mostly used hand gestures and glowering.  I wasn't a DOCTOR though.  I've never been 'honey' material. 

Of course I'll go to the "dinner party"….I always do…but if shit goes down and the evening gets long, dinner runs late…we've all had a few drinks… we're eating one of the honeys.   At this point I don't care which one, but I'd miss Chuck. The old one and the new one. I already do.