My meeting tomorrow is about lightning.  Literally.  AND it Should be over quick. I have prepared by forgetting my notes and bringing the wrong hard drive.  I could sit here tonight and whip something up, but, frankly, the meeting is with a small group and my strategy is to ask a lot of questions and then hum during the answers.  That really speeds things along.  

I'm staying in a nasty little hootch called THE CRYSTAL somethingorother.  It features an enormous dandruff flake that adorns everything.  I suppose it is meant to be a CRYSTAL, but instead it makes me feel embarrassed for the sign, the room key, the lobby; it makes my scalp itch. Everything in this area is dilapidated. Neon signs all have at least one burnt out letter,  I counted 3 PAY DAY LOAN centers and yet NO grocery stores.   Denny's …or D nnys.  It's near absolutely nothing useful. The guy next door has his television on a volume that can surely be heard in outer-space.  Why we'd want Wife Swap waves cluttering our universe is beyond my GeD education.

I'm sure any readers hitting this blog from Jodi's and expecting notes on stock dog training are just LOVING my complete inability to even drift toward that topic.  Therein, again, lies my 'Mostly' clause….

Next week I'll get back to dogs.  This week is just not happening.