Earth: It's Much Bigger Flattened Out and it Screams

That today is Columbus Day and I have it off seems poignant indeed; me, a common-law ex Hispanic who works for my government and is always discovering things that wrongly seem to "belong" to other people…

Aside: If Columbus were alive today he'd probably not be allowed in the country.  DO YOU want to pay for his health care? We have plenty of WHITE people who can do his job.  He didn't speak ENGLISH.  He'd be lucky to "discover" chicklets on a tarp in Nogales this time around.

Anyway! He's not and its a holiday and I plan to celebrate later by setting out for Greenleaf and ending up in Emmett, by way of the New Plymouth passage, which involves a shrinkage of the earth and some flattening out in places….I'm confident that my Piece of Shit Mazda can make this journey,at speeds not exceeding 45, with winds in our favor.  I will score a Victory for My People, who want tamales for dinner and to be paid for dog-sitting.  I hope I get to downtrod along the way. 

Other: This weekend I worked the pens at the Trailing of the Sheep SDT in Sun Valley.  What this actually entailed was that I stood in front of the pens so that the ridiculously huge mutton would stop hurling themselves over the sides before their time while Susan did the heavy lifting and sorting.  I think an elk decoy, or cardboard cut-out of some SV celebrity, certainly, could have taken my place, but it went unsaid.  It was cold work in a really beautiful setting and the people I was working with were a lot of fun.  Susan made hot spiced wine yesterday and that kicked the cold on its ass for long moments at a time.     We had a pretty good view of the runs and they were all pretty decent.   I wondered a few times why I hadn't taken up wind-surfing or snorkling…other than it doesn't help justify my dog collection nearly as well. Nothing outside of owning a Korean resturant can though. Yeah. I'm still tired.