A few weeks ago someone challenged me to come up with six words to describe my life.  I've thought about it off and on since then – when I'm running, or driving, or wishing I had snack food in my office… relatively mindless occupations…. Still, the concept irritates me for some reason.  And yet I can't ignore the task. I like words, but six??  To describe one's LIFE? That seems so thin.  So I came up with a few.  Anyway: Here they are. 

I don't like still life much

Distracted by moving parts. Sold Separately.

Like people who laugh. Love funny.

I like seven better. It's flawed.

up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom ?

Extreme Buddhism is my new "faith"

Get out while the gettin's good

Here's a better concept: The Sums Up One's Life Haiku

I don't need alot

shoes laptop dogs coffee beer

books. I read too much

I'm glad to get out of the way, WITH EXTRA CREDIT!!! I tend to hate poetry in any form…so, that works for me. Has my life been summed up? No, but I am sufficiently marginalized for the morning.

Telework day.  More later….