Yesterday afternoon I worked Pat at Dianne's house.  We worked on slowing things down and not humping, which really is good universal advice, I suppose, but humping was a huge part of our relationship and now it seems so… business-like.  Dianne tells me that this is good.  She tells me as if the information should accompany a slap to the side of my head. 

Working Pat is easier than working Jen.  Jen helped me a great deal with timing and learning the low, gutteral "COMEONCOMEONCOMEON!" command, as well as being humble to a dog, because she is usually right….but it was exhausting having to fight her eye all the time. I think, for me, slowing something down is less frustrating than speeding something up.   I process speed better.  Slow makes me divert to the Big Shiny.  I start missing things which should be very apparent.

Dianne worked Scout.  Scout does really well for Dianne.  She listens, she is relaxed; none of this circling and lunging at the sheep, barking.  When I try to work Scout, we both revert to old behaviors.  Dianne says, and I have seen, that the relationship I have built and fostered with Scout makes her insecure and passive aggressive with me.  In turn I am a screeching nutcase with unrealistic magical expectations.  I'm thinking of marrying her and making it legal.

For now, I have 3 conference calls, each more heinous than the next, which means I'm off to buy crunchy foods.